The following was taped on Tuesday, September 13 in Toronto, Canada:

WWE Smackdown for September 16:

-Edge came out to a great reception and talked about how he misses the business. Cody Rhodes interrupts and gives Edge a paper bag mask to remind him what Smackdown is now. Edge left the ring after saying he’d fall asleep if he had to keep listening to Rhodes. Rhodes did not take too kindly to that and said the entire crowd needed a paper bag. Someone wearing a paper bag in the front row punched Rhodes and it was Ted DiBiase. Rhodes managed to escape.

-Daniel Bryan def. Sin Cara via DQ. The referee disqualified Cara after stomping on Bryan, who was tangled in the ropes. The real Sin Cara came out afterwards and had a staredown with the fake one. The fake one left the ring.

-Beth Phoenix def. AJ

-Sheamus & Justin Gabriel def. Wade Barrett & Christian

-The Great Khali NC Heath Slater. Jinder Mahal came out to yell at Khali.

-R-Truth def. Evan Bourne

-The Cutting Edge closed the show. Edge had Mark Henry and Randy Orton in the ring. They exchanged words and then fought. The entire locker room ran down to break it up. Henry broke free and posed with the belt to end the show.