Punk on WWE vs. UFC comparisons, Mania plans

WWE star CM Punk was a guest on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” earlier today on MMAFighting.com. Highlights courtesy of Prowrestling.net. The full show will be provided later this week.

* In regards to Triple H’s comments about UFC needing to evolve more than WWE, CM Punk said “that’s absolutely insane” and that “pro wrestling has, in my opinion, a lot of work to do.” He added that he has spoken with Triple H about MMA and that he “just doesn’t get it.” Punk noted, “I think it’s just an education thing. Saying UFC has to evolve, I guess he’s not wrong, but he’s missing the big picture that UFC is evolving.”

* When asked if MMA has hurt the pro wrestling business, Punk said it hasn’t helped. “To deny that UFC isn’t our competition is ridiculous.” Punk added that anything from Cirque du Soleil to television shows like “Breaking Bad” are competition for WWE as well.

* Helwani asked if he was surprised WWE didn’t try to emulate MMA more. Punk responded, “I would love to see clean finishes, less run-ins and I’d like to see wins and losses matter. Those are things that are based in reality.”

* Punk said the last UFC event he saw was Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Valasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Title. He added he “despises Hooters” and doesn’t think it would end well if a pro wrestler went to an MMA show with “drunk people who want to prove something in the room.”

* When asked who he will face at Wrestlemania 28, Punk said he doesn’t know who he will face on Raw tonight because plans change every three minutes. Punk said he would like to face Steve Austin. “As far as who I’m actually wrestling at Wrestlemania, I could tell you and it would probably change 162 times today.”