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I have seen enough of America to know what our people are capable of achieving – the enterprises we can build, the jobs and opportunities we can create. Yet here we are, in the fourth year of a lifeless economy that last month didn’t add a single new job for the millions who need one. Not a single job!

Washington tells us that 9% unemployment is the best this country can do for months or even years to come. Our own government works harder to lower our expectations than they do to find solutions.

I firmly believe that if we want different results in Washington we must stop electing the same type of people. That is why today, I will announce my candidacy for the United States Senate.

I am running again because I believe with all of my heart that the largest, richest economy can and will regain its strength and create jobs for every woman and man who wants to work – and with your help, I will go to Washington to fight each and every day for policies that will help hard working, tax paying families first.

I hope that you take a moment to connect with me on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages so you can follow my announcement today and interact with me as I seek to represent the people of Connecticut as I know them to be: direct and fair-minded … clear-thinking and unafraid to take a stand.

Time to get Connecticut working again!

Linda McMahon