Vikingnut72782 passed along this report.

Smackdown starts off and all of the Superstars come down to the ring along with Laurinaitis. He says basically that HHH has lost touch of the situation. He welcomes Mark Henry out and Mark gets in the ring as the rest of the Superstars part way. Laurinaitis leaves HHH comes down and talks and says he has things under control. Christian come out and whines about “one more shot”. Triple H says he will give him a shot at the title in a lumberjack match tonight vs Henry.

Slater vs Sheamus (battle of the redheads). Slater needs to stay out of the tanning bed!!!! Not a bad opener however Slater does not have the skills for this type of match. Sheamus gets in the kick. Match over.

Christian is shown in back trying to sweet talk Khali into helping him tonight. Khali responds. I understand “Your Small”.

Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel ~ Typical flippy flip stuff for Gabriel, Barret hits finisher and done.

(Side Note – Yelled Chimmel sucks and actually got his attention doing this)

Christian now shown trying to talk Ezekiel Jackson into helping. No good.

AJ & Kaitlyn vs Divas of Doom ~ not much here Beth does her face plant and it is over quick.

Cody vs Orton ~ paper bag crew is with had the entire front row bagged. Match was going well, Cody took off turnbuckle cover as a distraction as ref repairing Cody took off mask and hit Orton. Orton kicked out. Got up pulled the mask off and hit Cody with it. DQ! Orton goes after Cody, throws him to the floor and grabs the ring bell. Orton nails him and WE HAVE BLOOD. Cody is busted open. Randy grabs a chair and hits him. Then puts him on the announcer desk and RKO, desk does not break! He walks away and he asks one more time the crowd chants one more he goes back does it again and table still does not break. Cody is bleeding everywhere. After second RKO, Orton grabs towel and wipes all BLOOD off himself as well as his crotch then throws it on the floor.

Christian shown trying to convince Sheamus to help and Sheamus offers him a potato. Christian basically agrees but as Christian leaves he takes a bite of the spud and says this isn’t from Ireland, it is from Idaho. Pretty funny.

Khali vs Mahal ~ not much here as Khali dominated picking him up slamming him and does the one foot pin.

Stone Cold promo featuring new DVD with George Strait music.

Sin Cara vs Daniel Danielson (Bryan)~ decent match with lockups, Sin Cara 2 comes out and knocks Sin Cara 1 off top rope and Sin Cara 2 pins Bryan for the win. Looks like they were trying to get Sin Cara 1 back up to go after #2 but he was not getting up.

Usos vs Air Boom ~ Usos did some dance I have not seen them do, was nice though. Far as Air Boom BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Evan flips, match over.

Christian vs. Henry ~ Christian doing a lot of slapping, with Ezekiel throwing Christian back in to Henry. They tried getting Henry and he fought them all off. Henry brutalized Christian and then Christian tried to leave, Sheamus came and throws him back in and Henry slams him. Over. Orton comes out and starts attacking Henry. Stare down to end show. Still Henry and Orton at Hell in a Cell.

Dark Match:

Henry vs Orton for the title. Wade Barret and other lumberjacks attack Orton. Sheamus makes save. Henry leaves through crowd really un-noticed. Sheamus and Orton do finishers on Barrett and I think Slater. I may be wrong on Slater.