Adam Merrick sent this report in.

WWE Raw World Tour
September 24, 2011
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Report by: Adam Merrick

Justin Roberts opens up the show and announces that The Miz & R-Truth will not be appearing due to being fired by Triple H this past Monday.

Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger
The match was a good opener as both played off of their respective crowd reactions but Swagger stayed control for most of the bout. The crowd was giving a lot of heat to “The All-American American,” especially when he did his signature push-up taunt directly over a downed Riley. But A-Ry eventually came back and nailed the Riley Elevation for the win.
WINNER: Alex Riley

Primo vs. Zack Ryder
Good pops for Ryder coming out and his merchandise seemed to be a huge seller as both his t-shirts and headbands were available. Ryder looked to end it early with the Rough Ryder but Primo was able to duck it and get some shine for a bit. It only lasted a few minutes though as Zack eventually came back and successfully nailed his finisher.
WINNER: Zack Ryder

Drew McIntyre vs. Mason Ryan
Before the match, McIntyre got on the mic and went off about how he was dubbed by Mr. McMahon to be the future of WWE but now that Triple H is in charge, he has been forced to compete in places like Albuquerque. Ryan had Drew rolling outside where they brawled for a bit, finally ending with Mason planting McIntyre with the Pumphandle Slam to win.
WINNER: Mason Ryan

United States Championship Match:
Dolph Ziggler (Champion) vs. John Morrison
Ziggler was sure to tell everybody that he was still recovering from the punch by Hugh Jackman on Monday and told Morrison to be careful of his jaw. The beginning of the match saw Dolph hesistate to get into the ring and almost getting counted-out multiple times. The big shocker came when JoMo actually kicked out of the Zig Zag, taking control and setting himself up for the potential victory. After missing a Shawn Michaels-mimicked Superkick, Ziggler looked to be in trouble as Morrison went for a springboard side kick but Dolph caught him with the Superkick in mid-air to retain his belt. Really fun match.
WINNER and STILL United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler

After the contest, Ziggler re-entered the ring to take out Morrison with a belt shot but Morrison countered and eventually got the champ down long enough to deliver Starship Pain, posing with the belt for a moment afterwards.

The Bella Twins were then introduced where they had a dance-off with four members from the audience chosen at random. The winner (which ended up being a young fan) got to go backstage to meet the WWE Superstars.

Divas Championship Match:
Kelly Kelly (Champion) vs. Beth Phoenix
The Divas came out to do their thing in a match that saw Kelly hit a lot of her signature moves. The contest even went outside where Kelly was able to slam The Glamazon’s head into the steel steps but the ending was much similar to the end of their contest at Night of Champions with Kelly quickly rolling up Beth for the 3-count.
WINNER and STILL Divas Champion: Kelly Kelly

Tag Team Championship Match:
David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Air Boom (Champions)
Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne got a nice reaction from the 505 and took the early control of the match. In time, however, the challengers took over and were able to keep Kofi in their corner while they tagged in-and-out. Kingston eventually got the hot tag to Bourne where he was able to finish off their opponents with the Shooting Star Press on McGillicutty.
WINNERS and STILL Tag Team Champions: Air Boom

While celebrating the victory, Air Boom was attacked by The Miz & R-Truth, who ran down the ring and laid out the champs. Miz then grabbed the mic and went off about getting fired but security and the referees were able to get control of the situation and dragged the intruders to the back.

#1 Contender’s Match:
Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. CM Punk
Hands down, match of the night. Del Rio mocked Punk’s taunt throughout the match while he was in control and the match had a lot of false finishes with many roll-ups that came down to the very last second. Both men tried for their respective finishers but the other kept breaking out of the set-up, causing for the contest to continue. Del Rio finally had enough of it and ordered Rodriguez to get a steel chair but while holding it up for Alberto to drive Punk’s face into, the “Straight-Edge Savior” reversed it and Del Rio’s skull hit it instead, leading to the GTS and light’s out for Del Rio.

With Punk celebrating his win, Rodriguez tried to attack him from behind but Punk saw it coming and hoisted Del Rio’s personal ring announcer onto his shoulders, spinning him around for a moment before planting him with his second GTS of the night.

Overall, it was a decent show. The arena was probably the least-filled its been for a WWE show in a long time and a lot of people were disappointed that there was no John Cena. If it wasn’t for the main event, the show might not have been as successful.

Biggest Pops:
1.) CM Punk
2.) Air Boom
3.) John Morrison
4.) Zack Ryder

Most Heat:
1.) Alberto Del Rio
2.) The Miz & R-Truth
3.) Dolph Ziggler
4.) Jack Swagger