9/24 WWE Results: Amarillo, Texas

Rocky Jimenez sent this report in.

The last time I posted anything on WWE, Edge was still World Champion, Kofi was doing the US Gold Boom Boom, and I was pissed because WWE chose a stupid small venue and missed the first few matches!

Well, WWE returned to Amarillo tonight. I was not looking forward to going because it was a SmackDown house show, and SD has not produced I product I was looking forward to. It wasn’t until Mark Henry won the World Title, and I heard that Dusty Rhodes would be there, that I decided to go.

Before the show started up, the house was packed. It wasn’t a sell-out, as I sat behind the floor seats farthest from the entrance way, and there were alot of seats still open there, but the rest of the floor and the stands were filled to the brim.

Also, for some reason, Aksana (?) was the ring announcer. I have no idea who’s bright idea this was, but she needs to work on her mic skills BIG TIME! It’s one thing to stumble over a word here or there, but when you are stumbling over simple names and such, it’s just a wreck. Plus, it was very hard to understand her with her accent anyways.


Daniel Bryan VS Heath Slater VS Justin Gabriel

Daniel Danielson and Justin Gabriel are very over here in Amarillo. The only struggle the fans had over who to cheer was when Bryan pushed Gabriel off the turnbuckle as he went for a 450 Splash. These three worked great, and it may have been the best triple threat match I have seen from WWE in a while.


Sin Cara VS Tyson Kidd

Tyson got a big pop as soon as he came out, but as soon as everyone heard Sin Cara’s music hit, the crowd turned on him. Tyson is great without him carrying someone (DH Smith) the whole match. It was Sin Cara I was more worried about though. He issed a rebound spot, a kick spot, and flying elbow spot, and that was within the first 4 minutes! He needs to jump to FCW and soon. Though he may have just came from there…

WINNER – Sin Cara

Interesting note here, but I think we got Sin Cara “Hunico”. I say this because I have met Hunico before, and the last time I saw him he had blonde hair. I don’t know much about Mistico, but I know both he and Incognito have literally the same style. I only bring this up because as I was watching the opening promo from SD last night, the Sin Cara at ringside had blonde hair, as did our Sin Cara. It may just be purely speculation, but I think we got the imposter tonight.

Alicia Fox VS Natalya

As long as she’s a heel, I don’t think of Naty as a big dumb dog. This being said, I was not into this match. Two divas. They wrestled. Woohoo…

WINNER – Alicia Fox

We were then graced by special guest, WWE Hall of Famer “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes! He was a blast to hear. He reminisced on days past of playing football for West Texas A&M University, and he fun on the road here. He then had a dance contest, and the winner would get to meet the Superstars! It was a blast for everyone there to go into intermission! (I have to shout out my buddy and NWA Amarillo die-hard fan Jonathan here. He actually got picked for the contest and did an awesome job. I think the spin-a-roonie he kicked off with could have won the whole thing, but he did his best. Congrats Jonathan, and I envy you sharing a ring with Dusty Rhodes!)

Brodus Clay VS Sheamus

Who thought Clay’s outfit was ok? I have no problem with his choice of outfit, but “MON-STAR-OUS” with an actual star? Also, Sheamus is not that pale… he’s even more pale live! TV apparentlydos wonders for him. Either way, Sheamus is great in the ring, and I loved getting to actually see him wrestle. Brodus needs to work the cardio a little more, but the big man is still a monster in the ring.

WINNER – Sheamus

Cody Rhodes (C) VS Ted DiBiase

Boefore the bell rang, Cody mentioned that he had gotten 8 staples from last night’s SmackDown, and mentioned he had been called Ted DiBiase as he went inside The Big Texas Steak House by some kid, and he told the kid off. I think Ted as a face is a longtime in the making, but he was very good at playing the babyface in peril tonight. Also, at one point, it looked as though Cody had busted open tonight, but it may have just been his mask.

WINNER – Cody Rhodes

Mark Henry (C) VS Randy Orton

This was a great match, but I hate watching Randy Orton “slither” into his moves. I realize he is a “viper”, but really? Also, I was surprised that they gave Henry the clean finish, but I guess when you can make it a bad day to boy a white boy for everyone in the WWE Universe, I guess you get that right.

WINNER – Mark Henry

After the match, it looked as though Mark was going to attack Randy with the chair, but Randy gained super powers, stole the chair, smacked Henry a few times, and ended the night with an RKO. Now this I did expect, and it was pulled off great!


A very good show, even though I did not want to originally go. I’m glad I did though. WWE put it all out there tonight when it comes to SmackDown, and I have to say it was fantastic. They knew they screwed up earlier in the year going to Canyon, and they offered a great card for everyone, even the internet fans. I tip my hat to WWE again, and I cannot wait for WWE to return again. But hey, if you guys are reading this, can we get RAW, or at least a Zack Ryder?