As reported on earlier in the week, Vince McMahon was not in the best of moods at the 9/19 Monday Night Raw taping in Cleveland. McMahon was upset over Alberto Del Rio mentioning his name in his in-ring promo, feeling it gave away the ending to the John Laurinaitis/Kevin Nash “conspiracy” angle. Even Stephanie and Triple H were not immune to his anger reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Agents/producers also heard some harsh feedback. McMahon was also said to be furious over the miscommunciation of the production staff not gimmicking the announce table when it was used for the Mark Henry/Jerry Lawler angle. After the taping had concluded, McMahon called the writers and agents in for an “impromptu post-show meeting” and was described as being in “full-on red faced promo role where everyone felt they were being put on warning.”