The following was taped on Tuesday, September 27 in St. Louis, Missouri:

WWE Smackdown for September 30:

-Booker T interviewed Mark Henry in the ring. Henry said that he was going to end Randy Orton’s career at Hell in a Cell. Henry said Orton won’t beat him just like The Great Khali won’t beat him tonight.

-Mark Henry def. The Great Khali (non-title). Henry crushed Khali’s ankle with a chair in the same fashion he did to Big Show and Kane after the match.

-Jack Swagger def. Evan Bourne. Vickie pushed Bourne off the top rope when the referee wasn’t looking.

-Sin Cara def. Heath Slater. The other Sin Cara appeared on the screen and spoke in Spanish before taking the mask off to reveal a black mask. Cara said they’d find out who the real Sin Cara was on Sunday in a match.

-John Laurinaitis was backstage with a bunch of Smackdown wrestlers who were going to sue the company. They said they were going to start it up on Monday.

-Kelly Kelly def. Natalya. Beth Phoenix hit Kelly with a Glam Slam after the match.

-Sheamus def. Cody Rhodes via DQ in a WWE Intercontinental Championship match. Christian hit the Killswitch on Sheamus after the match.

-Zack Ryder def. JTG

-Triple H confronted John Laurinaitis backstage. Laurinaitis reiterated his loyalty to Triple H.

-Randy Orton vs. Christian went to a Double DQ. Cody Rhodes came out and attacked Orton. Sheamus cleared the ring and chased Christian. Mark Henry came out and hit Orton with the World’s Strongest Slam. Henry got a chair and when he got back in the ring he took an RKO.