Eric Cohen of passed along an interview he conducted with Jimmy Hart discussing his upcoming appearance on ABC’s “Home Makeover” and his thoughts on Hulk Hogan getting back in the ring with Sting at TNA’s Bound for Glory PPV on 10/16.

“Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t even aware that he was fighting Sting. Somebody had said that he retired on TV a couple of weeks ago so I just thought that he did. With me being in WWE and all my time involved with that, I don’t have any time to watch any other wrestling shows. I think his health, I think the Hulkster is getting a lot better. For a long time there, I know that last year I was in the hospital in and out so many times with the back. But I think he is getting back on his feet again and I am so excited to see that because he is definitely one of the biggest names ever in professional wrestling and I love him to death.”

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