Steve Austin talks about critics of John Cena

While promoting the new movie “Born to Fight”, WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin gave some thoughts on Alberto Del Rio becoming the new WWE Champion and critics of John Cena.

“When I look at that company right now, John Cena is the guy who anchors it all. Some people get mad because they feel like WWE shoves it down your throat, but he’s the main guy. Whether you love to hate him or you love to love him, you gotta respect him. If you’re going to have him chase, you must have a heel worthy of chasing. No disrespect to Del Rio, but Cena is so far higher up on that ladder. Unless you give him a viable heel to chase, he should have the belt. I tell you John Cena has had some great matches with some great guys. Sometimes his body of work gets overlooked. The guy has proven himself over and over again. I call a spade a spade and John has done a tremendous job and he’s got a few years left yet.”

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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