Florida Championship Wrestling Results
October 9, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 1st edition of what is going to be another weekly recap done by myself, as this time I will be giving all of you who may not be able to check out the goings on of WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, a chance to read how the future of the WWE is progressing week in and week out.

Only difference between this and the ROH recap that I do is that I will be just providing quick results of the matches that take place. However, instead of giving my thoughts after the results of the show, I will give my thoughts after each match/angle, entitled the Florida Feedback.

So with that out of the way, the intro has hit, and let’s get on with the show!

Your announcers are Matt Martlaro & William Regal.

The Ascension(Conor O’Brian, Kenneth Cameron & Tito Colon) w/Raquel Diaz(Shaul Guerrero) defeated Johnny Curtis & FCW Tag Team Champions CJ Parker & Donny Marlow by pinfall when Cameron pinned Marlow with a jawbreaker.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Great debut for The Ascension, as they came off amazing in this showcase. Love the goth, almost Twilight-like villain aspect to them, with the eerie music, and the lighting. Also, the mannerisms that these guys pulled off, where if 1 was fired up, they all started pacing on the apron like rabid animals, was done really well. Marlow & Parker were decent, while Curtis was not used a whole lot here, which I can see why, because he is not that good. But, good showcase for The Ascension, and if this is a sign of things to come, then this group is something to definitely look out for.

A.J. joins Matiluro & Regal on commentary for our next match.

Naomi Knight w/Byron Saxton & Cameron Lynn(Ariane from Tough Enough) defeated Leah West by pinfall with a Top Rope Blockbuster.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Interesting change of gimmick for Naomi, who went from being this girl who only cared about wrestling, to now this Soul Train diva along with Cameron Lynn, who now just needs something to pop out, and she can be the next Lil’ Kim. Match, however, was not that good. Despite the gimmick change, Naomi is not that good in the ring, and while I had heard good things about West, who is from Lance Storm’s school, she did not do a good job here. Intrigued by the gimmick change in Naomi, but the wrestling aspect still has a lot left to be desired.

Briley Pierce interviews Brad Maddox, and this plants the seeds for Pierce’s debut match in FCW for sometime down the road against Maddox.

Decent exchange, but it started the transfer of Pierce from interviewer into FCW wrestler in a good way. Maddox just comes off as such a slimy piece of trash that you want to just punch in the face, and boy does he do a good job of it. Pierce, who is Dolph Ziggler’s younger brother, is going to be good as the underdog that I think the crowd will get behind.

Calvin Raines defeated Peter Orlov (Alex Koslov) by pinfall with the Relapse(Spinning Spinebuster).

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Interesting to see Orlov in the babyface role, as from all of the times I have seen him, he has been a heel. Orlov did OK in the role, not great, but that will take time to develop. Raines did a decent job in this showcase, but he still needs a lot of work before he is going to get any look from the higher ups. Decent showcase, but nothing to write home about.

Video is shown highlighting the last 2 weeks of TV, with the Super 8 tournament to determine the new Florida Heavyweight Champion, due to Bo Rotundo’s injury that forced him to give up the belt. For those who don’t know how we got here, here is the results from that tournament:

Damien Sandow defeated Leakee

Husky Harris defeated Big E. Langston

Leo Kruger defeated Percy Watson

Dean Ambrose defeated FCW 15 Champion Seth Rollins

Before the main event, we see FCW General Manager Maxine with Richie Steamboat & Aksana in the VIP area.

Main Event in a Fatal 4 Way to determine the Florida Heavyweight Champion: Leo Kruger defeated Husky Harris, Dean Ambrose & Damien Sandow by submission to win the title when he made Sandow submit to the rear naked choke.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Interesting with this 4 way match that there were 3 heels and only 1 babyface, which led to Ambrose almost playing a pseudo face here. Match was solid, but its also a multi man match, so you really always know what you are going to get with these. All 4 men did a good job here with their individual roles and all worked their asses off.

Like the slow, subtle beginning to what will most surely be a Richie Steamboat heel turn, with the “accidental” superkick to Harris. Going to be intriguing to see how Steamboat does in that role, and that was something they never did with his father.

Kruger is an OK choice as the champion, although I think right now, Ambrose might be the best talent down in FCW. Great madman-like character, good in the ring, good on the mic, he really does not have a major flaw to him. While I think all 4 will be future call-ups, I think you would have to put Ambrose at the top of that list.

Overall, a solid episode of FCW this week. 3 showcases, 1 stood out from the rest, and a good main event with some character development and beginning of new storylines should make for some good TV for the rest of the year down in the Sunshine State.

Hope you all enjoyed this 1st recap of Florida Championship Wrestling. If you have any feedback, please comment below. See ya next week!