Devin Cutting sent this in.

WWE Vintage Collection on October 21st, 2011 featured these matches:

Bodyslam Challenge
Gorilla Monsoon vs. Big John Studd
WWF Championship Wrestling – February 19th, 1983

Glacier vs. Big Bubba Rogers
WCW Nitro – September 16th, 1996

The Texas Tornado vs. Big Bully Busick
WWF Live Event – October 28th, 1991 – New York City

Fire & Ice vs. The Blue Bloods
WCW Saturday Night – June 1st, 1996

The Hurricane vs. Triple H
WWE Raw – March 31st, 2003

Lance Storm vs. Juventud Guerrera
WCW Thunder – August 2nd, 2000

The Natural Disasters vs. The Rockers
WWF Wrestling Challenge – November 3rd, 1991

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