Cory Wiatrek of passed along these live notes.

Well everyone saw the ppv live or will see it on DVD, so no reason to give another long recap. Here are a few live notes and things you might have not seen on your television.

First off the dark match saw Wade Barrett beat Daniel Bryan with his finisher in an almost identical match from the one they had weeks back on tv.

Upon entering the AT&T Center we noticed the wide amount of open room by the entrance of the set. This led us to believe a lot of the last man standing match would be taking place in that location.

One of the ring crew kind of gave away that the ring was going to come apart. He ran and moved the stairs back away from the ring minutes before it happened. My belief is Big Show or Mark Henry forgot to move them with a spot of their own. You can see Cena actually pick up the “moved” stairs in the very next match.

Speaking of the ring explosion, they had a pyrotechnics crew set up near the time keeper area and it seems they did whatever it is they did just a second after Show and Henry fell. Upon replays on the titan tron you really cannot tell though and WWE Production Crew pulled this thing off very solid. Crowd freaked out for this.

During the Del Rio and Cena match while Cena and Del Rio battled near the big “V” on the set Ricardo Rodriguez was still by the ringside selling his fall on his testes. He kept showing the camera guy and the time keeper his crotch area and pointing in pain. Finally one of the camera guys did a light little kick to his nuts again and the people who were paying attention to it got a great laugh.

Other than those things crowd was very hot tonight for wrestling and literally! The AT&T Center needs to crank up the air conditioner! This is Texas and it was hot! Thanks for reading wrestling fans!