Sky Sports is featuring an interview with current WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes who talks about the value of that title and why it should mean more in wrestling today.

“It should say a lot to be Intercontinental Champion. Today it seems like the Money in the Bank Briefcase means something, but I kinda wanted to trump that with something that used to be that way. That’s how I feel and it’s on a definite upswing. I’ve had the opportunity to have a very open platform on how I feel about the Intercontinental title. I feel about it in the same way that a lot of fans have felt about it and I was glad that I could be honest about it. At one point it was probably the most revered title in the WWE and it was in the hands of some of the most revered Superstars and talents. Without getting too specific, somewhere in the last five or seven years it kind of got lost.That was why I decided to bring back the classic look of the title because there is also a classic feel that comes with it. That’s the type of Intercontinental Champion I wanted to be.”