Article on illegal WWE PPV streams has an article up looking at illegal online streams of WWE and UFC Pay Per View events. There is an interesting take on WWE going after illegal online streams earlier this year.

“You?ll recall that WWE started going after illegal online streams earlier this year. The thing is, WWE claimed, quite like Fertitta here, that online streams were damaging its bottom line. That’s not necessarily the case. The very first pay-per-view that WWE actively patrolled illegal streams for, June’s The Bash, was among the least purchased pay-per-views of the year. If we were to follow WWE’s logic, that buyrates (the number of people who buy a pay-per-view) would increase once the streams were eliminated, well, then The Bash would have done better than the previous pay-per-view, May’s Extreme Rules. It didn?t: The Bash did 178,000 buys to Extreme Rules? 213,000.”

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