The following was taped on Tuesday, November 1 in Greenville, South Carolina:

WWE Smackdown for November 4:

* Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes in a Street Fight. Orton put a bag on Rhodes’s head after the mat h.

* Ted DiBiase def. Tyson Kidd.

* Mark Henry was interviewed, and he said that Daniel Bryan won’t cash in his Money in the Bank contract because he can’t beat Henry. Henry challenges Bryan to a match, and Bryan accepts.

* Alicia Fox def. Natalya.

* Big Show says he’s going to knock Mark Henry out every week until their business is settled. Christian comes out and makes fun of people from the South. Big Show Chokeslams him and walks away.

* Sheamus comes out to have a scheduled match with Christian, but he’s still out cold. Wade Barrett offers to take Christian’s place.

* Wade Barrett def. Sheamus when Christian distracted him. Christian spears him after the match.

* Sin Cara def. Epico. Hunico came out and they double teamed Sin Cara.

* Mark Henry def. Daniel Bryan via DQ when Big Show knocked him out. Daniel Bryan acts like he’s going to cash in the briefcase, but Henry awakens and hits the World’s Strongest Slam. Teddy Long comes out and announces that Big Show will face Mark Henry for the title at Survivor Series.

Dark Match Main Event:

* Big Show & Sheamus def. Mark Henry & Christian with Booker T as the referee.