Drew McIntyre cast in new film; WWE stock hits an all-time closing high

According to a report from Martial Arts Action Cinema, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has been cast in the new film “The Killer’s Game.”

Former WWE Champion, Dave Bautista (Batista) and Ice Cube also star in the new film.

Per a report from PWInsider, McIntyre will miss next week’s episode of WWE Raw in Atlanta, due to the filming commitment. McIntyre also said in a backstage segment with Matt Riddle on Monday’s Raw that he would not be in attendance at next Monday’s show, due to “being off on company business.”

Below is a synopsis of the film, courtesy of Deadline.

Based on Jay Bonansinga’s novel, the film is written by Rand Ravich and Simon Kinberg, with recent rewrites by James Coyne. The film follows veteran assassin Joe Flood (Bautista), who is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and authorizes a kill on himself to avoid the pain that is destined to follow. After ordering the kill, he finds out that he was misdiagnosed and must then fend off the army of former colleagues trying to kill him.

WWE Stock Hits An All-Time Closing High

WWE’s stock closed at an all-time high on Tuesday, July 11.

The stock price closed at $111, which is up from the previous closing high of $109.35 back on April 21. The closing price for July 10 was $109. The price opened at $109.52.

The market cap (value of all shares combined) is said to currently be at around $8.3 billion.

WWE is set to merge with Endeavor, which is parent company of UFC, to form a new publicly traded company, TKO Group Holdings by the end of this year.

Stock price story source: Fightful