11/5 WWE Results: Vienna, Austria

11/5 WWE Results: Vienna, Austria

Christian Skrianz sent this report in.

I attended tonight’s SmackDown! house show at the Civic Center in Vienna, Austria and figured I’d send you a report of what went down. As far as attendance goes, I’d estimate there were about 5500 to 6000 people in attendance. I’m not good at estimating crowds, though. So it could very well be that the actual attendance was higher/lower. The arena wasn’t sold out, but still I’d consider it a nice turnout for Vienna. The following are the results of the show:

(1) Daniel Bryan beat William Regal via submission
That was a nice opener that saw a lot of mat wrestling. It was a true honor to see William Regal wrestle. He still got it, that’s for sure.

(2) Justin Gabriel & Trent Barreta beat Johnny Curtis & Jinder Mahal
The crowd didn’t care for this one, but I thought they put on a nice little match that ended when Justin Gabriel hit the 450 Splash on Curtis (if my memory serves me right).

(3) Brodus Clay beat Yoshi Tatsu
That was a squash. It lasted only about 2 minutes.

(4) Hunico beat Tyson Kidd
Hunico was actually announced as Sin Cara and came out to a nice pop. He took a fan’s sign and brought it into the ring – only to rip it up. He then removed his mask and said that Sin Cara would not be here tonight because he doesn’t like the country. He also said something in Spanish but I could not understand. The match itself was okay, but nothing special. Hunico pinned Kidd after a swanton bomb.

(5) Sheamus beat Christian after a Brogue Kick
Sheamus received a huge pop when he came out. The fans loved him! That really was a great match that lasted about 15 minutes. The finish came when Christian was about to hit the spear but Sheamus countered with a huge brogue kick to win the match.

Intermission. The ring announcer recommended us to buy merchandise…

(6) AJ & Alicia Fox beat Natalya & Tamina
Aksana worked as the special guest referee for this bout. No-one really seemed to care about that match. To be honest, I can’t even remember the finish.

(7) Randy Orton & Ted DiBiase beat Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett
Prior to the match, Cody Rhodes cut a promo and insulted us by saying that the Viennese fans are the ugliest fans in the world. He got massive heat for that one, obviously. Subsequently, a huge „Cody sucks” chant broke out. Randy Orton came out to a monster pop, it was ridiculous. The crowd went totally nuts! The finish saw Randy Orton delivering an RKO to Wade Barrett to win the match. I heavily enjoyed this bout.

(8) The Big Show beat world heavyweight champion Mark Henry via DQ; Henry retained the world title as a result.
Henry was disqualified when he hit Big Show with a steel chair. Afterwards, Big Show knocked Henry out and celebrated with the fans to close the show.

Overall, it was a pretty good show. Not the best I’ve seen but still fairly decent. The guys worked hard all night and seemed to enjoy wrestle in front of the Viennese crowd. The bottom line is that the show was worth the money. Unfortunately, no return date was announced.

Biggest Pops:
(1) Randy Orton (by far)
(2) Sheamus
(3) The Big Show

Most Heat:
(1) Cody Rhodes
(2) Christian
(3) Mark Henry