11/9 WWE Results: Brussels, Belgium

Dimi De Laet sent this report in.

Here are the results of the Brussels Smackdown house show from November 9, 2011

Daniel Bryan defeated Tyson Kidd in a great technical battle

Brodus Clay defeated Justin Gabriel. Clay looks ready for a push as monster heel…

Ezekiel Jackson crushed Jinder Mahal

Sin Cara (who looked too big to be the real one to be honest) made his entrance and posed with the fans, then unmasked and turned out to be Hunico ! Hunico then defeated Yoshi Tatsu

Christian entered the ring wearing a neckbrace and told us he never wanted to come here in the first place and left, but was chased into the ring by Sheamus ! This match ended abruptly when Christian seemed to get legitimally hurt and Sheamus hit him with the Brogue kick. Christian was helped out of the ring and was not able to walk by himself… Sheamus then took his time to pose with fans and signed lots of autographs, probably to make up for the very short match…

Aksana was introduced as the special guest referee for a match between Alycia Fox and Natalia. Natalia dominated but got pinned after a roll up by Fox.

Then we got the biggest pop of the night, when Randy Orton made his entrance for a tag match with Ted Dibiase against a maskless Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett. The roof nearly blew off when the Viper walked into the building, without a doubt he is the most over superstar back here in Belgium ! Best match of the evening, Orton won it by RKO

The main event was Big Show against Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry retained by getting himself disqualified after hitting Show with a chair. After the match, Rhodes and Barrett attacked Show, which led to Sheamus and Orton coming back to chase the heels off and celebrate with the crowd to end the show.

Great show as usual !

Biggest pops :

1) ORTON, by far

Most heat :

1) CODY RHODES who cut a promo after entering the ring and demande respect IN FLEMISH, our own language
2) HUNICO, after taking off the Sin Cara mask and insulting the crowd