The Sun in the UK is featuring quotes from an interview with WWE star Sheamus by Fighting Spirit Magazine who talks about wanting to get in the ring with The Undertaker and working as a babyface.

On getting in the ring with The Undertaker:
“I’ve mixed it up with a lot of people — Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michaels — but a match with Undertaker would be fantastic. It would be two gingers knocking lumps out of each other. He tries to hide it, but he’s a ginger. He’s someone who’s never faltered and is stronger now than he ever was.”

On working as a babyface:
“It’s strange, I’m really enjoying myself. I’ve been able to let my guard down and really get into it, without getting my back against the wall. I got used to the fans throwing abuse at me, but I’m feeling a lot more like me out there now. The most important thing is getting a reaction — whether you’re getting booed or cheered. I loved getting booed and beating on Cena, Orton and Triple H, but the fans are cheering me now. As long as the reaction is strong, positive or negative, I’ll be happy. When the arena goes quiet and there’s crickets in your ear, that’s when I’ll start worrying.”