leemccallum2011 sent this in.

Just thought I would pass on what happened on a UK sports comedy panel show called a league of their own.

The quetion was which sportsman had the longest entrance to an event.

HHH at WM22
Klitschko in the klitshko haye boxing match
Van barneyveld at a darts tournament

It was claimed that one team captain and former england cricketer went to tampa for wwe training broke 3 ribs came home after 2 days and was offered a wwe contract but decided it wasnt for him

Little britain star David Walliams asked why HHH was named after a hemoroid(sp) cream

It was debated whether wrestling was a sport as the outcomes are known before hand so said it was same as cricket then as cricketers have just been jailed for match fixing.

It turned out darts was 1 min 22, HHH was 3 min 30 and klitschko was 6 mins