FCW Results – 11/14/11

Florida Championship Wrestling Results
November 14, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s trek to the land of the Sunshine State with this week’s FCW recap. Couple of big matches this week with 2 FCW titles on the line, so if you all are ready to go, then strap on a seatbelt, and let’s get on with the show!

We kick off the show with the ominous music and that can only mean 1 thing, as the unique and creepy group known as The Ascension, make their way out to the ring for our opening contest. Our announcers this week are Byron Saxton & Matt Martlaro.

The Ascension (Conor O’Brian, Kenneth Cameron, & Tito Colon) w/Raquel Diaz defeated Colin Cassidy, Jason Jordan & Mike Dalton by pinfall when O’Brian pinned Cassidy with a big boot.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: As each week goes, I am more and more impressed with this Ascension gimmick and just the sheer uniqueness behind it. Diaz is definitely showing off her potential as this villainess manager, almost reminds me of a modern day “Scary” Sherri with her look. Match was purely a squash and a showcase for the gimmick, but from that standpoint, it was well done.

FCW 15 Title: Damien Sandow (c) vs. Seth Rollins went to a draw, with both men at 1 fall apiece. Because of this, Sandow retains the title. Before the match, Mr. Antonio Cesaro attacked Rollins from behind and injured his leg. Rollins got his fall with a rollup 2 minutes in, and Sandow got his 1 fall with 3 minutes to go via submission with a half crab. Rollins thought he won the title with a pinfall as time expired, but the referee did not make the 3 count in time, thus it went to a draw. After the match, Cesaro came back out and challenged Rollins to a match at a later date. Also during this match, we see Norman Smiley sitting in the VIP area with some new FCW talent that is of Japanese descent.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Very good FCW 15 match between these two. First, liked the attack by Cesaro on Rollins, good way to begin a new rivalry with Cesaro injuring Rollins’ leg before the match. The leg was used as a way to garner sympathy for Rollins in this match, and I thought he did a good job of selling the leg throughout and being a good FIP for Sandow. Sandow, who for those who don’t know was Idol Stevens in the Michelle McCool managed Teacher’s Pets tag team in 2006, was always in my opinion a good worker, but didn’t have that much of a character. Now, with the Colonel character, he gets to show off his presence, his mic skills, which are solid, and his improvement in the ring, which all showed throughout this match. Nice false finish with the clock expiring and Rollins thinking he had won the title, only to have it be taken away and Sandow getting another cheap win, which plays to his ego-driven character. Cesaro’s promo mocking Rollins and saying that once he is done with Rollins, he is gone from FCW was done real well and pretty much shows that Cesaro isn’t long for the FCW world and will be called up in the very near future. Good segment/match and very good effort from all involved.

Akasna & Caylee Turner defeated FCW Divas Champion Audrey Marie & Cameron Lynn by pinfall when Aksana pinned Marie with the Diva Drop (Spinebuster).

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: OK match from these 4. Glad to see them drop the immensely stupid blonde wig deal with Cameron Lynn, it was so dumb I can’t put it into words. She is still extremely green in the ring, as is Turner and for that matter Marie, but the continued work in the ring can only help them improve. Aksana was solid in her work, of the 4 girls in this match, she is by far the most skilled. They all worked hard but 3/4 of them still have a lot of work ahead of them to get better, however I do think there is hope.
Briley Pierce interviews Calvin Raines, who says he will be Florida Heavyweight Champion soon.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Not a good promo at all, very forced.

Main Event is a Triple Threat Match for the Florida Heavyweight Title: Leo Kruger(c) defeated Husky Harris & Richie Steamboat to retain the title by submission with the rear naked choke on Harris after Steamboat hit Harris with the superkick. After the match, Harris and Steamboat continued to brawl around ringside before being pulled apart by wrestlers & officials as the show went to credits.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Not a big fan of triple threat matches, as are many others, and this one was no different. However, to be fair, even though this was a title match, this was done more to continue the ongoing rivalry of Harris & Steamboat. So, not a good match here, Kruger does get another notch on his reign with the submission win on Harris and a nice post-match brawl with Harris & Steamboat to close the show, but other than that, nothing else to write home about.

Overall, I thought it was a decent episode of FCW this week with one really good match and bunch of not so good to solid stuff around it. Would recommend checking out the FCW 15 match and the pre/post-match stuff with Cesaro. Other than that, it was an OK show.

My Grade: C+

Well, I hope you all enjoyed your trek to the land of the Sunshine State this week, and I will be back next week for another trek to F-C-W, see ya then!