from Arda Ocal:

This week on #AftermathRadio the following news worthy tidbits came out:

– Jimmy Korderas explains how JBL was the reason Tribute to the Troops started, it was his idea – Jimmy goes through the story of how JBL lobbied for his idea to take place and championed it until it actually happened

– A caller from Boston called in to let us know that Zack Ryder got the second biggest pop of the night in the RAW dark main event, even though he wasn’t scheduled to appear in it – it was CM Punk/Cena/Orton as a team, and fans chanted “We Want Ryder”… Punk left the ring, went backstage and found Ryder and brought him out in street clothes… he then worked the match and got the pinfall victory over Miz. After the match, Cena/Punk/Orton gave Ryder props in the ring and left him in the ring with the microphone to say a speech. The show ended with his music.

– Independent wrestler Gregory Iron, who battles with Cerebral Palsy, said that his plea to have a spot in the 2012 Royal Rumble has thus far been unanswered by WWE but he hopes to get more traction.