The following was taped on Tuesday, November 15 in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

WWE Smackdown for November 18:

* Mark Henry assaulted Daniel Bryan backstage, dragged him to the ring, and the referees ran down to drag him away from Henry. Henry then spoke about bringing more pain to Big Show at Survivor Series.

* Vickie Guerrero came out, and she announced that Dolph Ziggler would defend his WWE United States Title against Zack Ryder at Survivor Series, and he would also compete on “Team Barrett”.

* Dolph Ziggler def. Sin Cara. Jack Swagger distracted Sin Cara, causing Ziggler to roll him up. Mason Ryan ran down to break things up.

* Mason Ryan def. Jack Swagger.

* Christian came out with a neck brace on, a cast on his foot, and some crutches. Christian said he’ll be at Survivor Series to inspire Team Barrett. Because of his numerous injuries, his dream is to have “one more match” in general now.

* Ted DiBiase def. Derrick Bateman.

* Big Show was looking around backstage for Mark Henry. Big Show asked Jinder Mahal if he had seen Henry. Mahal said something in his native tongue, so Big Show knocked him out.

* Big Show came out, and he said that since Mark Henry had caused Daniel Bryan to be carried out, he too will be carried out at Survivor Series.

* Kofi Kingston def. Hunico.

* Beth Phoenix and Natalya def. AJ and Kaitlyn.

* Randy Orton and Sheamus def. Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes via DQ. Christian came out during the match, and he hit Sheamus with one of his crutches, causing the DQ. Sheamus did the Brogue Kick on Rhodes, and Orton hit Barrett with an RKO. Sheamus then finished Rhodes off with the Celtic Cross.

* Post-taping Dark Match: Big Show def. Mark Henry via DQ. Booker T was the referee.