The New York Post is featuring an interview with WWE star CM Punk talking about the new WWE 12 video game, John Cena’s popularity in WWE and having to wrestle before The Rock and Cena team up this Sunday at Survivor Series.

On the new WWE 12 video game:
“I play against Kofi (Kingston), I lost count as to what the record is right now but I don’t think he’s beaten me a single time because Kofi is really bad at video games. I’m trying to help him out. It’s dead-on, the only thing I would love to see maybe next year is a ‘lack of sleep’ meter. Factor in like ‘Hey CM Punk did media all day and his lack of sleep meter is full’ and then you get a crappy match because of it. That would be really accurate.”

On John Cena’s popularity in WWE:
“It’s really interesting that nobody has been able to scratch at Cena as the ace of the company. I’ve always been a believer in my own abilities and have said if given a shot I could be that guy. I think John Cena’s appeal is that he’s a superhero, a big muscle-bound He-Man type guy. I’ve beat John Cena in merchandise sales and I won’t get into that but if you put my ugly face on a poster, because I don’t look like a superhero.”

If he feels slighted to wrestle for the WWE Title before Rock/Cena team up:
“I don’t feel slighted about that at all. Rock coming back is a big deal and everybody wants to produce in [Madison Square] Garden. The slogan on the back of my t-shirt is not just as slogan on the back of a t-shirt, I truly am the best in the world. Rock and Cena are going to be sitting in Gorilla when I get done with my match and walk through with my WWE Title and say ‘follow that’.”