Show: The Pain Clinic

Air Date: 12/19/2009

Guest: Jim “JR” Ross

Host(s): Rich “Cashman” Jones
The Artiste

JR joins the show and updates his health situation. He describes how severe the Bell’s Palsey attack was compared to past occurrences. He talks about what he needs to do to get back to TV.

JR talks about his replacements and how they are doing since he went on the DL. He puts everybody over. He talks about the 3-man broadcast team during the last 2 pay per views.

JR was asked about his resigning with WWE (which he recently did for a short 3 months deal) and why he did. He talks about the rumor and or possibility of TNA contacting him.

JR talks about a little about the Sun Bowl in El Paso and his Oklahoma Sooners bowl game.

JR talks about the elevation of a few talents in the WWE at the TLC Pay Per View. Specifically Sheamus and Dew McIntyre. JR is glad the WWE chose this path to move a few guys up the ladder. He thinks there are some transitional things going on in the WWE and he likes that.

We talk about some of product including the wonderful beef jerky that the hosts of the show have been eating the entire show.

We let JR go after we talk about the Slammy performance of Michael Cole and his retiring of “my god” and “slobberknocker”.

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