Thanks to Gerald Giudicessi for passing this report along.


Jinder Mahal beat Trent Barretta via Camel Clutch

Big Zeke Jackson def Tyson Kidd with Human Torture Rack


Booker T comes out to a great ovation…. while Michael Cole gets tremedous heat.

3 Six Mafia starts to play… and the WSM Mark Henry walks out using a crutch and a walking boot on his right foot
He’s limping his way to the ring to cut a promo.

During his promo… he says that he doesn’t understand why people are happy he is injured… the that as a World Champion.. he deserves
to be treat with respect…. not like this. He wanted to prove to the world he’s not only the World’s Strongest Man… but the World’s Toughest… but Teddy Long & the WWE doctors won’t clear him to compete. Then calling the Big Show a liar saying that I kicked you in the knee and you made it look like I kicked you in your private area (yes he used those words).
Big Show music hits… and he says that you intentionally got DQ’d cause you felt the title slipping away… so about your ankle… I did to you… what u did to me… and next time….. Mark interrupts… there is no next time…. you see… I’m still the Worlds Strongest Man… and you’re the Worlds Largest Loser…. Big Show KO’s Henry with the knockout punch. As Big Show leaves ring…. Daniel Bryan’s music hits…. HE’S CASHING IN HIS MITB BRIEFCASE !!!! Bell rings…. he turns Henry over… 1…. 2…. 3 !!! WE HAVE A NEW WORLDS HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION….. DANIEL BRYAN as the Arena go bonkers !!!! Hold on a minute playa…. Teddy Long comes out… and tells Bryan that since Mark Henry wasn’t cleared to compete… he couldn’t cash in the MITB briefcase…. so still champ is Mark Henry.

He then tells Daniel Bryan that he not only gets his briefcase back… but he will be placed in a fatal four way match tonight with Cody Rhoades, Wade Barrett, & Randy Orton…. with the winner taking on Mark Henry next week with the winner defending the title against the Big Show.

Justin Gabriel v Hunico
Decent Match… Hunico wins using the Swanton Bomb.

(Alicia Fox joins commentary)
Beth Phoenix & Natalya v AJ & Kaitlyn
SQUASH MATCH as Kaitlyn never gets involved in the match (neither did Beth) as Natalya wins with the sharpshooter. (Kaitlyn leaves ringside immediately)
After the match… Natalya again with the sharpshooter on AJ as Beth is telling AJ to cry. Alicia Fox makes the save.

Swagger/Ziggler v Sheamus/Ryder
EXCUSE ME !!!! The US champ has something to say…. Ziggler says that people think he’s a show off…. but he can show off cause he’s that good.
Match was good…. One point Ziggler does the Bob Backlund knee crawl after a big dropkick to Sheamus. Ryder takes the brunt of the punishment in this match…
All four in the ring….. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder for the win. WOO WOO !!! The crowd went nuts!!!

Mark Henry interrupts Aksana & Teddy Long about next week. Long says the doctors are going to clear hime to wrestle next week. And that that match… will be inside a steel cage. Henry goes ballistic telling Teddy Long.. YOU SCREWED UP !!!

Ted DiBiase v Health Slater
Slater gets upper hand as Jinder Mahal distracts Dibiase via titantron. Dibiase wins with Dreamstreet

Cody Rhoades promo on Booker T

Fatal Four Way
No stop action…. a very good match…. ending with Cody Rhoades tapping out to the Labell Lock.
Winner to face Mark Henry… Daniel Bryan.

Dark Match

Bryan/Orton def. Rhoades/Barrett w/ Orton RKOing Barrett (Booker T special ref)

Biggest Pop:
Bryan winning the title

Biggest Heat: Tie
Michael Cole / Teddy Long taking the belt away from D Bryan

Gerald Giudicessi