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WWE Champ JBL — Someone Jacked My Scooter … From a Police Station

You can’t count on cops in Bermuda — at least if you’re wrestling legend JBL, who just got his motorized scooter stolen in the British overseas territory … from right in front of a police station.

The longest reigning WWE champion in history — who lives on the subtropical island — tells TMZ, he left the scooter parked in the police lot at the Bermuda airport, but when he returned to scoot back home … the bike was nowhere to be seen.

Cops are on the case — but sadly, we’re told the scooter is probably already long gone … stripped down for parts.

TMZ spoke to the champ about the unfortunate incident, and he had only this to say … “You can’t steal a wrestling god’s scooter, don’t you know?”

Clearly, Mr. Bermudian Scooter Jacker didn’t get the memo.