Jim Ross has revealed in a new blog over on his official website that he has agreed to a new contract extension with WWE.

“My contract status with WWE has changed somewhat. We have agreed to terms on a contract extension for a few months to allow me to completely heal from Bells palsy #3. I don’t expect to go back on the road until, at the earliest, March but that is an approximate time frame. The story making the rounds that I’m targeting WM26 to return to the airwaves makes for a good story but it is not accurate as I am hoping that I heal quicker and can get back in the game in some form sooner than March 28. That particular issue isn’t up to me.

I have plenty of WWE responsibilities to keep me busy until I get back to an announce desk. I feel loyalty to WWE and, perhaps selfishly, feel that I have made significant contributions to the company over the years.

My long term career plans have yet to be discussed or finalized but for the short term I am staying on the team that I have played for since 1993 and that inducted me into their Hall of Fame in 2007. I am pleased to have this matter addressed and behind me at this time. Hopefully, WWE and I can facilitate a long term contract during this extension period.

On a side note, The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online is reporting that TNA was aggressively pursuing JR and were even hoping to have him locked up to appear on the upcoming live January 4 show that goes head-to-head with WWE Monday Night Raw. To view JR’s full blog, click here.

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