is featuring an article by Jared Bernhardt talking about what it was like to work as an intern from WWE from 2008 to 2010. It features the “Top 11” things you shouldn’t say.

“10 – Throw The Mark Out The Door

It’s important to leave the mark at the door and act like a consummate professional when you’re a WWE intern. It’s awesome to be able to hang out backstage, roam around Titan Towers and see all the memorabilia and such, but it’s also your job and you can’t just freak out.

This was something that was stressed to me on several occasions–as no one wants to be hounded for a photo or an autograph while they are prepping for a match. So, anytime a friend asked me to do something like that, I would have to politely turn them down–as you wouldn’t walk up to a co-worker and say “Hey Aubrey, I’d love it if you signed your Best of Raw article for my sister for me.” Weird? It goes hand in hand with approaching a superstar backstage to do the same thing.”