12/29 WWE Results: Washington, D.C.

Adam Vingan sent this report in.

I attended the show in D.C. tonight and have the results for you.

1. The Miz interrupted Howard Finkel and cut a short promo before R-Truth ran out from the crowd and attacked him. Truth cut a Truth-like promo. The arena played his old “What’s Up?” theme, but there was no rapping.

2. Dolph Ziggler won a 10-man battle royal to face Zack Ryder later in the evening.

3. Beth Phoenix retained the Diva’s title over Eve.

3. Jerry Lawler defeated Jack Swagger. Mick Foley, who Swagger interrupted to start the match, gave him Mr. Socko afterwards.

4. Alex Riley/Mason Ryan defeated Reks/Hawkins.

5. Santino defeated David Otunga.

6. Ryder defeated Ziggler to retain the U.S. Title.

7. John Cena defeated Kane by DQ when the latter used a chair.

8. CM Punk defeated The Miz to retain the WWE Championship.