Andrew Elder sent this live report in.

RCena came out, mixed reaction, the crowd was split. People totally didn’t get his Christmas Creature joke (Kane in the USWA).

Cody and Bryan got props, Bryan was so over I think alot people remember when he wrestled here as American Dragon.

Sheamus was so over with the crowd, Miz actually had some fans lol, R-Truth seems better with the crazy face gimmick. Cool moment with kid in the crowd.

Santino was so over with the crowd, I think he had one of the biggest pops. Barrett got alot of boos.

Dolph got alot heat with insulting the Memphis crowd. Figured John Laurnitis would interfere in Punks match. He got alot boos. Dolph celebrated in the crowd with belt. Punk did some poses on the ramp.

Jericho was so over with crowd, he got the biggest pop, but fans were disappointed when he did explain why he came back.

The Divas were all hot. Crowd wasn’t into the match though, someone started a you can’t wrestle chant lol.

Tag match was predictiable. Show shook his head at the crowds reaction to Cena. When Kane came out from under and burned the ring, the crowd went wild.

Dark Match: After Cena had chased Kane off, he said wow that was some good Memphis Rasslin-even set the ring on fire. He said that someone from Memphis was here and deserved a match: Jerry Lawler and his opponent Michael Cole in a Street fight. Not much to it, Daniel Bryan came out and got Cole who was bailing and threw back in the ring. Lawler ripped Cole’s pants off, then stunned him and the flying fist off the top rope for the win.

Notes: Almost a sellout crowd. Not much schilling of merchandise in the ring, mainly on the Tron, try to schill a 9.00 souvenir cup that looked cheap. Jericho was awesome to see him but I and the crowd were disappointed that he didn’t explain anything. Also took a while for crowd to get in, you can only go in the front of the arena and it caused a jam up front. Also no Brodus Clay, either (re)debut the guy or let him go I say.