The last available numbers involving overall viewership between TV and DVR for WWE Monday Night Raw is now available for shows in February on 2/15, 2/8 and 2/1. According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the 2/15 show (hosted by Jerry Springer) ended up doing a 3.50 rating adding in DVR viewership (the original rating was a 3.40 so adding in DVR viewers was only a 2.9% increase). The 2/8 show (hosted by Carl Edwards) had 95.2% live viewers and 4.8% on DVR increasing the rating from a 3.53 to a 3.68. The 2/1 show (hosted by William Shatner) did 95.6% live and 4.4% on DVR increasing the rating from a 3.58 to a 3.73.