Exclusive note: A source called me a month ago and informed me that Bret Hart will be returning to the WWE and that the beginning of the return will happen on December 14. He also mentioned that Bret Hart would be the new full-time General Manager of RAW. My reaction was the same as the people reading this. Those of you who watched RAW on Monday know that WWE hinted towards a Bret Hart return. Bret’s name was mentioned on Monday night, Vince made a little 1997 comment and then Dennis Miller asked the crowd if they wanted Bret. Vince walked away. That was said to be the beginning of the storyline. Rumored match for WrestleMania is said to be Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon. Don’t ask me how Bret can wrestle, it’s the word going around.

Dave Meltzer is now reporting that a source revealed that Bret Hart has signed a short-term contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Bret’s contract is said to start on January 1st, 2010 until April 10, 2010. If all goes as planned, Bret Hart could be hosting RAW on January 4th. This is when TNA and Hogan attempt to go head to head with WWE Monday Night Raw.

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