College Times is featuring an interview with WWE star Dolph Ziggler who talks about his goals for his current career in WWE.

“I want to be champion, I want to wrestle a main event at Wrestlemania and another very realistic goal of mine far down in my career is that I want to be know as the greatest ever. Not everybody wants that. Some people want to be champion, but in ten years when people say my name, I want them to be saying ‘he was the guy who was the best ever.'”

His thoughts on The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 28.

“Both those guys are in awesome shape. Cena is like our franchise guy. He carries the company on his back and he’s out there every single night doing everything he can to give back to the fans. The Rock, he’s awesome at what he does, but he’s kind of moved on and he’s a movie star now, so I’ve gotta go with the hometown guy who is out there in the trenches with us every single weekend as opposed to the guy that comes back a couple times a year.”