The following was taped on Tuesday, January 24 in Tucson, Arizona:

WWE Smackdown for January 27:

* The Big Show comes out, and he apologizes to AJ. Show talks about being a big kid and accidentally hurting others. Show says that he doesn’t have the heart to go on with his career after what happened. Daniel Bryan comes out, and he yells at Show for hurting AJ. Bryan slaps him and tells him to leave the ring. Big Show shoves him by the face to the corner. Mark Henry comes out, and he says he doesn’t care about their problems because he’ll win at the Royal Rumble. Teddy Long came out, and he announced tonight’s main event as Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. We’ll also see Big Show vs. Mark Henry.

* Cody Rhodes def. Justin Gabriel (non-title).

* Sheamus def. Drew McIntyre.

* Epico and Primo def. Santino Marella and Yoshi Tatsu.

* Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett went to a No Contest. The referees and a few faces came out to break up the big fight. Barrett escaped, and Orton RKO’d everyone.

* Hunico def. Ted DiBiase. Hunico and Camacho worked on DiBiase’s wrist after the match.

* Brodus Clay def. Alex Riley.

* Aksana def. Natalya. Tamina attacked Natalya after the match.

* Big Show def. Mark Henry via Count-Out. Henry couldn’t handle Show so he got intentionally counted out. Bryan attacked Big Show with a chair, and he wound up getting him in the LeBell Lock. Big Show broke free. Show laid him out with a Chokeslam and a WMD.