In his latest column on where he pays tribute to his friend Adam “Edge” Copeland.

“Edge’s marvellous career was cut short by a neck injury. At the time, he was at the top of his game — the WWE’s heavyweight champion. But he was forced into retirement at the orders of doctors. It came down to this: he was told if he took one more fall or bad move, he could end up paralyzed or worse — dead. He went out too soon, but he went out on top of the industry.

The neck injury was just one of many he sustained in his illustrious career.

I was with him when he tore his pectoral muscle. I was also with him when he tore his achillies tendon. I could see how beat up he was after matches. Watching him in the ring, you couldn’t tell, but he walked like a 90-year-old with crippling arthritis after.

I would help him carry his luggage to rooms because he had little to no strength in his arms, yet night after night, he continued to go into the ring and do what he most loved doing since he was a kid.

I am very proud to see him being inducted in WWE Hall of Fame this year, but even more proud to call him my friend.”