Ariel Helwani of is featuring an interview with UFC star Chael Sonnen discussing his fight with Michael Bisping this Saturday at UFC on FOX 2. Sonnen also addresses Vince McMahon preventing WWE Champion CM Punk from walking him to the octagon this Saturday.

“Well, I’m disappointed to. I was looking forward to that and I think that would have been a lot of fun – especially here in Chicago. Vince has his reasons and he’s very good at his business and job. You know, I understand.”

Sonnen was also asked about why he would have Punk walk him out.

“Well 1, we are friends. 2, I really like him. 3, it’s his hometown. 4, he is a big UFC fan. And 5, there is major crossover. A number of years ago, I think we all thought we we were going to have to compete with each other. Boxing, MMA and wrestling were going to have to have their own fans. What we have learned with time is that’s not true. People are crossover fans and just kind of all around fans. Especially when you are talking about CM Punk here in Chicago. That guy is royalty around here. I think it would have been fun for both of us. But you know, that is the end of it. The walk is only 2 to 3 minutes. If we could have done it, great. If we can’t, we are going to go have dinner afterwards and catch up.”

The interview can be viewed below.