Brian Soscia passed this along.

Booker T called into The Soscia Network Radio Show in Philly today to plug the Royal Rumble this Sunday! Booker has been in the business for over 20 years and had A LOT to say!

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In this nearly 20 minute interview Booker tells Brian Soscia:
-His Royal Rumble pick.
-If he will be in the Rumble or not this year.
-Who he thinks is going to win Cena vs Rock at WrestleMania and why?
-Why he’s such a huge fan of Dolph Ziggler and what he sees for Ziggler’s future in WWE.
-What he encourages young guys to do.
-How he felt during his time in Global Wrestling on ESPN.
-His feelings when he first came to WCW and started making money.
-Is it true that Eric Bischoff hated tag team wrestling and wanted to kill it off and why?
-How does Booker feel about the state of tag team wrestling today?
-Was he nervous when WWE purchased WCW about being able to keep his job?
-How does he feel about Vince McMahon?
-Why does he always dress nicely outside of the ring?

Plus TONS more!!! for the interview!