FCW Results – 1/29/12

Florida Championship Wrestling Results
January 29, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to the return of the FCW Recap. After a 1-week hiatus, I am back to take you all on the latest trek to the land of the Sunshine State. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Our announcers are Chris Russo & William Regal.

“The Ascension” Kenneth Cameron def. “Mr. 365” Calvin Raines by pinfall with a running jawbreaker.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Decent little match. Liked Cameron’s intensity throughout the match, while Raines’s work still leaves a lot to be desired. But overall, I thought both guys gave a solid effort into putting together a decent opening match.

Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger & Rick Victor def. Mike Dalton & Xavier Woods by pinfall when Victor pinned Dalton with a Gibson Driver.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Well, there went Dalton’s 15 minutes of fame after getting a decent push last week in challenging Kruger for the Florida Heavyweight Title. Pretty solid tag match overall. Woods was good as a FIP and showed some decent babyface fire. However, Dalton was really bad on the hot tag, and seemed to get lost towards the end. Interesting to see Victor get the pin, as he has not been a pushed guy in FCW in recent months, but I think its good to try and get another heel over. Finally, Kruger added another solid performance to his mantle as the top guy in developmental at the moment. Good effort by 3 of the 4, while Dalton still needs a LOT of work.

Backstage, Leo Kruger runs into a crying Aksana, who says “She can’t believe HE did that”. Kruger consoles her and says he’ll “take care of it”. Kruger leaves as Aksana gets that devilish look in her eyes.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: So, now the “round and round Aksana goes, where she stops, no one knows” carousel now lands on Kruger. This gimmick is starting to get stale with Aksana, needs freshening up.

FCW General Manager Maxine is with James Bronson & Abraham Washington. Maxine offers Washington the job as her assistant, and Washington accepts. Maxine then introduces Washington to “Dr. Bronson”, FCW’s new psychologist. Washington & Bronson leave, but then Danielle Moinet and Rob Naylor come in and Moinet gives Maxine a stern warning.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Okkkkkkkkkkk, that was really odd. Both the Bronson/Washington deal, and the Moinet/Naylor deal at the end, very strange.

In the ring, Byron Saxton introduces the returning Bo Rotundo, who cuts a promo saying he wants to go after the title he never lost, the Florida Heavyweight Title. This brings out the current champion Leo Kruger, who accuses Rotundo for doing something to Aksana. Officials and security come in to get between the two.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Nice little babyface promo by Rotundo, and a decent angle involving Kruger & Aksana to put some heat on the Kruger & Rotundo feud that was never settled before Rotundo went down with his injury. Good stuff.

Mr. Antonio Cesaro def. Big E. Langston by submission with a head and arm choke. Before the match, Cesaro cut a promo saying that America and its people are weak.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Good big-man match. Liked how Cesaro was greatly overpowered by Langston, but used his quickness and mat ability to pull out the win. Langston was very good on the sell for a man of his size, and showed nice fire on his comeback. Also liked that they changed up Cesaro’s submission finisher from a ripoff of the Anaconda Vice to a more unique choke. Very good effort by both.

Main Event for the Florida 15 Title: Richie Steamboat def. Damien Sandow(c) 2 falls to 1 to win the title. Before the match, Sandow cut a promo, saying he will embarrass the Steamboat legacy. Steamboat earned his 1st fall 4 minutes in by pinning Sandow with a superkick. Sandow earned his 1st fall 6 minutes in as Steamboat was counted out. Finally, Steamboat earned his 2nd fall to win the title by pinning Sandow with an inside cradle with 7 seconds left in the match.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: An OK match, but only because of Sandow. Sandow was great with his bumping, on his control segment, and his amazing wide-eyed facial expressions both during the match, and after the match. However, as good as Sandow was, Richie Steamboat was just as bad. Going back to being a babyface, he is just as uninteresting and bland as he was as a heel, maybe worse. Completely deadpan on the FIP work, no fire at all on the comebacks or on his post-match celebration for winning a title! Just nothing, ugh, get this guy off the roster now. People think John Morrison is bad, Richie Steamboat is 10 times worse, and that is saying something. But, an OK match that Damien Sandow pretty much worked by himself because IMO, a broom could do a better job at this point than Richie Steamboat can.

Overall, a pretty solid show this week with an OK main event and an Antonio Cesaro/Big E. Langston match that I would recommend checking out.

My Grade: C+

Well, that will do it for me this week, I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember…

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