Sheamus on Royal Rumble, being left off Wrestlemania

Sky Sports is featuring an interview with WWE star Sheamus where he talks about winning the 2012 Royal Rumble and being left off the card for last year’s Wrestlemania.

On winning the 2012 Royal Rumble:
“To be honest with you, when Jericho hit the deck I can’t really explain how I felt. This is something I’ve wanted my entire life, it’s a dream of mine that I’ve had ever since I was a kid and it still hasn’t really sunk in. There were a lot of emotions running through me. When I won the WWE Championship against John Cena at TLC in 2009, that was incredible, too. I was standing in the ring with the title and everything was so surreal, but Sunday night was, for me, even bigger. I can’t explain it, but all I can say is right now I’m the happiest man ever.”

On being left off the main card at Wrestlemania 27 last year:
“Absolutely. I’ve had some incredible ups and incredible downs in such a short time. I remember being excited about that match with Daniel because we knew that we could tear it up and have a match like nobody else. We were young Superstars ready to go out there and do what it takes, so when we found out it was going to be a dark match it was definitely a real kick in the gut. This was the big moment that we’d worked hard all year for. We work hard anyway, but WrestleMania is the moment to go out there and become legends – or try and become legends. When we were told it was huge disappointment to us.”

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