Grantland has a new profile online focusing on Wrestlemania 28 this year in Miami including the big Rock vs. John Cena main event.

“The excitement behind the Cena-Rock feud came from a showdown between two icons from different eras. But a more complicated tension arose between the fans’ wholehearted support for The Rock — which was surprising, given the audience’s tendency to shun wrestlers who move on to “bigger and better” things — and their throaty, mostly negative jeers for Cena. WWE must have assumed that fans would take sides — McMahon & Co. quickly latched onto a Twilight-inspired “Team Rock vs. Team Cena” dualism2 — but they couldn’t have guessed how one-sided the fans’ reaction would be. The Rock’s popularity and charisma dismantled Cena’s mystique. This set the stage for CM Punk’s run the following summer, where Cena was consistently the most disliked guy in the ring despite being WWE’s good-guy standard-bearer.”