Wrestling101.com is featuring an interview with former WWE Diva Maryse who talks about her time with the company and the legacy of her persona on the company.

“In 2006 I tried out for the Diva search. Out of 20,000 women auditioning, I was picked. That’s where the adventure had begun and what a long road that was! I could only speak 10 words of English at the time, however, WWE management told me that I had such an exceptional presentation in French, haha! They loved it, and they loved the fact that I didn’t care and just went for it!

I learned how to listen carefully to everything, every detail, and I think that I needed a character that people could relate to, without speaking, which is very hard. I developed a heel persona and everything about Maryse was presentation, facials, gestures. Over the years, I learned how to work a live crowd and perfect my craft. I believe that Maryse’s persona was the best female persona in years within the WWE.”