The following was taped on Tuesday, February 7 in Tulsa, Oklahoma:

WWE Smackdown for February 10:

* Sheamus came out for a promo, and he talked about how he would choose his Wrestlemania opponent after Elimination Chamber. Wade Barrett came out, and he was followed soon after by Cody Rhodes. Big Show came out to even the odds, and a fight broke out. A tag team match was booked.

* The Great Khali def. Jinder Mahal.

* Beth Phoenix def. Alicia Fox. Beth had a staredown with Tamina after the match was over.

* Sheamus and Big Show def. Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett.

* AJ was interviewed by Michael Cole in the ring. AJ insulted Cole, and Daniel Bryan said he was taking her home. Bryan said he would not compete against Randy Orton tonight.

* Ted DiBiase def. Hunico. DiBiase wrestled in a hard cast.

* Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton via DQ. Big Show was at ringside, and Bryan antagonized him into hitting him, causing a disqualification. Orton and Show argued, and Show gave him a chokeslam. Bryan snuck out of the ring during that.