2/9 WWE Results: Abu Dhabi (Event #1)

Shehab Al Mansoori sent this report in.

Pretty good crowd in Abu dhabi!
Approximately 4000 in attendance
Concession stands were packed and everybody was
Jhonny ace came down and announced the matches!
Crowd boo heavily

First Alex riley vs drew Mcintyre
Good back and forth
Crowd for Riley
Against drew
Planted drew with a spine buster
And then a top rope DDT but close two
Drew fought back a big boot for 2
Drew went for future shock, Riley reversed and hit his finisher for the win
Posed for the crowd and clapped some fans at ringside and left

Tag team championship
Santino and mason Ryan vs primo and epico

Santino huge reaction, mason not so much
Epico and primo booed
Santino chants break out
Santino and primo start
Santino with a takedown
Santino tags mason
And primo switches with epico who tags him back in and they keep trading tags
Epico escapes from the ring to enter the other side and is thrown again by mason
Huge shoulder block by Ryan and tags in santino who goes top rope
He couldn’t go to the top so hits an axw handle from the first turnbuckle
Lots of mat wrestling from santino
Tag to Ryan
Huge shoulder block tht turns primo inside out
Comeback from promo
Double suplex from Ryan on both champs
Ryan being singled out by the champs
Quick kicks from primo working on Ryan’s leg
Still working tht leg
Tags to epico
Working the midsection
Santino riles the crowd from the apron
Quick two for the champs
Sti working on Ryan’s leg
Primo with a one leg Boston crab
Santino gets the hot tag
Backstabber for the win
Beat down on santino, Ryan cleans house
Santino sets up the cobra and nails it

Otunga vs mcguillicutty
Crowd is dead for this one
Some trying to start an otunga sucks chant but to no avail
I tried to start a “mr perfect” chant but nobody knew!
Crowd totally dead
Some booing otunga
Lets Michael otunga sucks chant breaks out
A roll up for micheal
Couldn’t keep up coz of how boring it was

Y2J vs kofi
Jericho takes the mic but doesn’t speak
Crowd turned on him after cheering him on
Ovation for Kingston
Jericho fools around and teases gettin in the ring but keeps circling the ring
Kofi chants breaks out
Jericho still won’t wrestle
Kofi does the boom boom boom and crowd reacts Jericho steps out and runs away from kofi
Tries to go to the back but kofi pulls him back
Pummels him in the corner
Jericho hit him when the referee was moving kofi away
Jericho puts kofi on second rope and stands on top of him
Jericho wit a headlock crowd brings kofi back to life
And after hitting him with a clothesline to the outside he springs onto Jericho
Kofi starts hitting Jericho on the turnbuckle and count gets to 5 but Jericho powerbombs him
Jericho in control
Jericho puts kofi in walls of Jericho for a good two minutes
Crowd cheers him on and he puts Jericho in a school boy for the win
Jericho wants to hear the crowd chant “you suck”
Jericho takes a sign from ringside kids and tears it apart
Kofi is helped to his by the ref still acting woozy from being hit in the turnbuckle by Jericho!

Triple threat for us championship
The miz vs R truth Vs swagger
Mix recieved a huge ovation baby face like
Miz is milkin the crowd but now mixed reaction
Claims to want to win every single championship in wwe
Wants crowd to be silent when he does his catchphrase
Truth is cheered universally
Claps everybody’s hands
Swagger is the most hated
Truth cleans house and crowd chants in unison what’s up
The heels workin on truth
Crowd boos them after double teaming truth
Basically a one on one match with one taking rest outside
R-truth hits the lie detector but swagger throws him out and covers the miz for the win

Cena vs Kane
The crowd erupts for Cena
The most reaction for Cena
Undoubtably his fan base is huge here in Abu dhabi
Kane gets himself dq’d when he hits Cena with a chair

Wwe championship
Punk vs Ziggler
Monster ovation for punk
Double count out
Johnny ace comes to announce the match will continue, helps Ziggler in and tell ref to count the champ
Punk gets in at 9
Ziggler in control
On the turnbuckle punk throws him down and hits the elbow drop
Covers for a two count
Tries a gts but dolph escapes and hits a zigzag
Covers for two
Tries another powerbomb like move but punk converts it into a gts for the win

The first day is over!