Maryse talks about her return to WWE

Slam Wrestling is featuring an interview with WWE Diva Maryse. During the interview, Maryse talks about her recent return to WWE on Raw dressed in the “Gobbledy Gooker” costume.

“That night, wearing the costume, I was walking out of the curtain and up the ramp, and I couldn?t see out of the costume. The eyes are white, and with the strobes, it just reflected inside the head. I was totally blind. I was trying to get to the ring as fast as I could, and I was so worried that I would just fall down the stage or down the ramp on my way to the ring. My heart was racing, I was freaking out. Especially when there’s 20,000 people looking at you, and the cameras are on you and it’s live TV. At some point, I was almost tempted to lift the head off so I could see, but it had to be a secret that it was me underneath, so I couldn?t. What we have to do for the show, right?”

To check out the full interview, click here.

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