2/11 WWE Results: Abu Dhabi (Event #3)

Shehab Al Mansoori sent this report in.

These were the results for day three!
Had the most amazing experience the last three days attending these shows!

Johnny ace comes out with otunga he says he gonna give otunga a chance at the US championship in a Battle royal. The battle royal for no1 contendership
For the US title

Otunga vs Michael mcguillicutty vs Alex Riley vs epico vs primo va santino va mason Ryan vs dolph Ziggler vs kofi Kingston and drew McIntyre

Everyone gangs up otunga and eliminate him
Michael thought he eliminated Ziggler but he skinned the cat and eliminated michael
Alex Riley is eliminated by drew
Drew tries to eliminate Ryan but santino helps and they both eliminate drew
Mason Ryan is eliminated by the tag champs
Kofi eliminates epico and primo tries to eliminate him but kofi head scissors him to the outside
Ziggler comes from behind and eliminates kofi from the apron
Final two
Ziggler and santino
Loud chants for santino
Ziggler tried to hit him in the corner but santino moved and Ziggler hit his head
Santino capitalizes and hits him with the cobra to eliminate him become the no 1 contender to the delight of the crowd!!

Tag team championship match
Epico and primo vs Alex Riley and mason ryan
Alex Riley goes for the crossbody but primo reverses it and pins Riley to retain

David otunga vs Michael mcguillicutty
Dead crowd for most of the match
Michael wins with a roll up

Dolph Ziggler vs kofi jingston
Great 20 minute match from both, kofi picks up the win after hitting trouble in paradise

US championship match
Jack swagger vs Santino Marrella
Crowd goes nuts for santino
Swagger hits gutwrench powerbomb for the win

Tag team match
Chris Jericho and the miz vs CM punk and r truth
Jericho takes the mic and says he has two things to say to the crowd who is cheering for punk
1) Chris Jericho is the best in the world at whatever he does
2) The miz is the second best in the world at whatever he does

Punk gets the crowd chanting his name, which pisses Jericho more!
And punk takes the mic and asks if they came here to talk or to fight!
Truth answers saying they were there to fight!

good back and forth match, ends when punk hits the gts on miz for the win
There was a great moment when punk and Jericho were in the ring together standing across from each other!
Got the Wrestlemania feel out of it!

Tables match
Kane vs John Cena
John Cena wins after hitting an AA through the table!