Florida Championship Wrestling Results
February 13, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest trek to the land of the Sunshine State with this week’s FCW recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Your announcers are Chris Russo, William Regal and Byron Saxton.

Husky Harris def. Colin Cassady by pinfall with a back senton splash.

Rob Naylor and Summer Rae come out to the interview area and Rae talks about how she is going to put together the greatest group of talent. This brings out FCW General Manager Maxine and Norman Smiley and Maxine tells both of them to leave.

Mike Dalton def. Rick Victor by pinfall when he countered Victor’s Tiger Driver with a rana.

FCW Divas Title: “The Queen of FCW” Raquel Diaz (c) def. Audrey Marie to retain the title when Diaz got her shoulder up before the 3 count on a rollup when Audrey also had her shoulders on the mat.

Mr. Antonio Cesaro def. Marcus Owens by submission with the head and arm choke.

After the match, Cesaro wants to know what he has to do to prove himself. He says that what happened in this match will happen time after time after time after time after time after time until he gets FCW gold.

Main Event for the Florida Heavyweight Title: Leo Kruger (c) def. Leakee to retain the title when Kruger used the turnbuckles to bridge on a sleeper from Leakee, causing Leakee to pin his own shoulders to the mat for the 3 count.

After the match, Leakee held on to the sleeper until Kruger passed out.

My Thoughts

Decent show this week, although there were many drawbacks.

First off, Husky Harris had a real good effort in his match with Colin Cassady. Cassady, on the other hand, didn’t have that good of a showing, and the match suffered because of it. Cassady has a good look, but is very green in the ring and needs a lot of work.

The Rae/Maxine deal was just a way to continue the storyline of Rae trying to overthrow Maxine as General Manager.

Victor and Dalton was a surprisingly good match. Victor was once again pretty impressive, with a nice, deliberate, control segment. Dalton greatly improved from his horrible tag performance a few weeks back and did a nice job as a FIP and showed a lot of fire on his comeback. Only drawback is if developmental wants to push this guy, they need to give him more impressive wins than just winning on rollups. But, overall, a good match that was I very impressed by.

The Divas match, however, I was not impressed by. While Diaz was good on her pre-match promo and in her control segment, Audrey Marie really showed her inexperience and the match just fell apart when she regained the control. While I liked the finish, it was too confusing for a casual viewer and the fact they had to show it on replay multiple times really brought the simple case of great idea, but poor execution. Diaz had a good effort, but Marie did not.

Cesaro had a much improved performance also this week compared to his last, which was boring and bland. This time with the recently released Marcus Owens, he brought out a little more flashier offense with the suplexes and the strikes. Owens actually showed some good intensity on his comeback, but it was mostly a squash for Cesaro. Cesaro also did a nice job on his promo, and came off more comfortable than he has since he been down in FCW, which means he is improving. Squash match, but good effort from Cesaro, and a decent effort by Owens.

Finally, the main event title match between Kruger and Leakee was the best thing on the show. Went a little bit long for my taste and especially for a young guy in Leakee, but that is the way you learn, by working longer form matches. Kruger put together a good control segment, where there was no lull in action and everything he did meant something. Leakee continues to impress on his babyface skill set, both as a FIP and on the comeback. Good little out on the finish as it protected Leakee, who by this point was undefeated, and showed that Kruger used his brains, and not a cheap way out for once, to hold on to the belt with the Bret Hart/Piper finish. Very good match and hats off to both guys for a great effort.

Overall, a decent show, but mired with some bad performances, but a very good main event.

My Grade: C+

You can view this week’s Florida Championship Wrestling at this link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF52570FEB931D138

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