NXT Vengeance Day On-Site Report

Wrestleview reader Andrew Elder attended Sunday’s NXT Vengeance Day PLE at the F&M Bank Arena in Clarksville, TN.

Andrew sent in the following on-site report.

Got to the F&M Bank Arena in Clarksville, before the doors opened.  The crowd was wrapped around both blocks waiting to get in. 

Strange thing before going in, was two Street Preachers, preaching at us for going to Event on Sunday. I have never seen that at a wrestling event before.

The Camera crew came out and took video of everyone waiting. (I was actually was up top in grey, above outside entrance ramp, so I was on the intro video played. My uncle said he saw me on the video).  The crowd was hyped up for the show.  One fan yelled If you want Cody at WrestleMania, give me a Hell Yeah! There were also loud We Want Cody chants. 

Not sure what the final attendance was, but it the arena was pretty packed, with a good showing.  The WrestleMania sign was there. We were lucky not to behind it, but it was close enough where we were sitting.   

The matches were good top to bottom. The was hot all night.  I was surprised Wade was there, replacing Booker T (Found out later Booker is out due to a medical procedure. I hope he has a good recovery).  

Anytime The Rock was shown during the breaks, he got booed, even during the announcement of WWE’s Top Phrases.  There was also loud Rocky Sucks! Chants. The for dude not even on a show was the most hated in Clarksville.  There was were also loud chants of We Want Cody.   When Ava showed up, she even got booed. Felt bad she got flack because of her dad.  

They did announce that NXT was going to go more on the road, with NXT Battleground May 26 in Savannah, Georgia.  

Even the defacto Heels got cheered for the most.  Also Loud NXT chants especially after great moves in all the matches. 

Oba Femi is so over, as he got a lot of cheers. He’s definitely a superstar on a rapid rise.   

Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin celebrated with the crowd. The crowd was excited they won.   Another person who so over is Trick Williams. He got a lot of Whoop That Trick! chants.  Hayes turned heel on Trick.

Lot of segments looked taped at the CWC before the show.  The girls weren’t there signing calendars, as they were possibly were down stairs.  The calendars were on sale at the souvenir stand.  

Scypts when he helped OTM cheat, got Reggie sucks chants!   

The spot with Dijak and Gacy where Dijak went through the Lego filled table was so insane to see in person. 

Overall it was worth the 3 hour and 20 minute drive from Memphis to Clarksville to see my first NXT show/PLE.

Overall a good show.