New Japan champion reportedly delaying WWE start to help with new promotion

A new report has revealed that Giulia is delaying her start with WWE in favor of being a part of an up and coming promotion in Japan.

Dave Meltzer addressed the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio, detailing the situation regarding the NJPW Strong Women’s Champion and Stardom founder Rossy Ogawa:

The reason that (Giulia) is delaying her WWE start is so she can, at least, be there to kick off the promotion for a while and get the promotion going and then she is going to end up with WWE at some point.

But when WWE was interested in her she basically gave her word she would help (Ogawa) started out and that’s what she’s going to do. She’s actually postponing her WWE debut because she had given her word.

Ogawa was fired from the promotion following accusations of talent poaching by Bushiroad, the parent company of New Japan who acquired Stardom in 2019.

In an interview with Tokyo Sports, Ogawa denied the accusations and later confirmed his intention to start a new promotion.

Previous reports have stated that Giulia would be starting with WWE as soon as March.

Source: F4WOnline